Quick and dirty spotlight silhouette

November 25, 2017

Lighting, Playground, SpriteKit

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This is a very simple spotlight effect that can be used to show silhouettes. No shaders or blend modes, just a couple sprites. The way this effect works is that you make the foreground and background elements the same color and then simply add an element with contrasting color between them.

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How to get UITextView to behave like UILabel

November 20, 2017

Reference, Text, UIKit

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UILabel and UITextView both rely on TextKit to render text. So why do they behave differently and how can they work together?

Below is a view with a UILabel (blue) and two UITextViews (red) laid out in IB.

The Label is constrained to the top right corner of the view and uses it’s intrinsic content size to determine the width and height. The size of the label matches closely to the size of the text.

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Starting a new iOS project

November 19, 2017


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Most of this is going to be rather straight forward. Most developers will have done this plenty of times. So why bother writing about it? In my case, there are several things that I tend to do for most projects. I find that, if don’t do these things up front, I’ll usually end up in a place that I’ll need to do it at that time. These steps don’t always need to be done at the start of the project and some projects don’t require every step.

This is an attempt at creating a repeatable process that can work for the majority of projects.
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